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I don’t think most cis guys understand what a period is. It isn’t a steady trickle of blood, like if you get a cut on accident. It’s chunks and strings of bloody paste that’s so thick sometimes that it’s black, and the smell is really strong like carnage, and God forbid you have pubic hair cause you have to take ten showers to get it all out.

And so the whole male population is traumatised


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#this is the actual worst#because in the end he isn’t worried that she’s having sex dreams about stefan#that’s not his worst fear#his worst fear is that stefan made/makes elena happier than he ever could#and ultimately that’s what he cares about#her happiness#and it’s not just elena either#it’s stefan to#the thought that stefan and elena could be happy together?#more importantly in a universe in which he didn’t exist?#that breaks him#fuck everything

Ollie makes me laugh 😂

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meanwhile at the forwood panel..

  • nate: how would you feel about either of your characters dating kol?
  • michael: tyler would hope that kol's a good kisser, but no tongue on the first kiss!
  • candice: can you handle a banana in my panties?
  • nate: I think kol would rather remain dead.

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